Buddhism: The Five Essentials

A week with Subhuti
Mon 26 – Fri 30 Oct


The LBC's President, Subhuti, is a Dharma teacher of rarely-matched clarity and conviction. As a friend and leading disciple of the founder of the Triratna Buddhist Community, Sangharakshita, Subhuti has played a key role in communicating the essence of Buddhist practice to thousands of people around the world.

Join Subhuti for a week of teaching on the five essential aspects of Buddhist practice.
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Morning Meditation
8-9am | Zoom

Subhuti is also taking over our morning meditation class for the week. A perfect complement to the evening series, these mornings will help you to put the system into practice into action in your own experience. Suitable for anyone familiar with the basics of the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana practices.

Evening Series
7-8.30pm | Live on YouTube
Each evening Subhuti will be in conversation with a different teacher from the LBC. Together they will lay out a practical and comprehensive system for Buddhist practice:


Mon 26 | Integration 
Subhuti in conversation with Danayutta

We can only move forward in our practice of the Dharma if we're not being pulled in lots of other directions as well. The first discussion explores the necessary foundation for a meaningful life.

Tue 27 | Positive Emotion 
Subhuti in conversation with Prajnamanas

The recognition that our actions have consequences aligns us with reality. Subhuti and Prajnamanas discuss how to act in order to benefit ourselves and others.

Wed 28 | Spiritual Receptivity
Subhuti in conversation with Ksantikara

Whilst active pursuit of a goal is necessary, it cannot finally reveal the truth. Tonight we explore the gear-change that is needed if we're to allow ourselves to be influenced by something higher.

Thu 29 | Spiritual Death
Subhuti in conversation with Jnanavaca

We cannot approach Enlightenment without letting go of life as we know it. Jnanavaca and Subhuti discuss their recent thoughts on what the Buddha's Wisdom teachings are really for.

Fri 30 | Spiritual Rebirth 
Subhuti in conversation with Subhadramati

Rounding off our series, Subhuti will be joined by Subhadramati to discuss the spiritual imagination, the qualities of the Buddha and the point at which words fail us. 
Finishing at 8.15pm, followed immediately by the Puja for Bhante.

A Puja for Bhante
Celebrating the life of Urgyen Sangharakshita
Fri 30 | 8.20pm | Live on YouTube

Our series finishes on the two-year anniversary of Sangharakshita's death. Join Subhuti and others to mark this with a special ritual expressing gratitude to the man at the source of our understanding of the Buddha's teaching.