Urban Retreat

Turn a week of your London life into a retreat

Sat 23 – Sat 30 October



You don't need to drop everything to deepen your experience of life - it's possible here and now in the midst of your everyday activities. Put this to the test by turning your life into a retreat for a week with the London Buddhist Centre.

We’ll be supporting you with a week of free activities - a full retreat programme in Bethnal Green. You can attend as much or as little as you like - you don’t need to take time off work to join in.

Here's the full programme:

Urban Retreat Kick-off

Saturday 23rd | 2.30-5pm

Silent Meditation Day

Sunday 24th | 10am-5pm

Morning Meditations at the LBC

Monday 25th – Saturday 30th | 7-8am, followed by breakfast

Lunchtime Meditation Toolkit

Monday 25th – Friday 29th | 1-2pm

Urban Retreat Evenings (also on YouTube)

Monday 25th – Friday 29th | 7.15-9.30pm

Urban Retreat Wrap-up

Saturday 30th | 8.45-10am

Remembering Bhante (also on YouTube)

Saturday 30th | 7.15-9.45pm

You can join in online for the evenings, but the majority of the events will take place in person as part of a retreat community. All levels of experience are welcome - you can learn to meditate from scratch at the lunchtime classes or in the evenings from Monday to Wednesday.

Sign up for free and we’ll send you daily text messages and emails during the retreat to help you keep on track and inspired.

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