The Journey and the Guide

A Practical Course in Enlightenment

Eight Thursdays | 29 Apr – 17 Jun | 7–9pm | On Zoom



How can we make the most of our life? We all want to lead a fulfilling life, but time slips away and we can find ourselves unclear on where to start – the most important question we face can be the hardest to answer. Over 2,500 years ago, the man who would become the Buddha set out on a quest to figure out the answer to the dissatisfaction of existence. With skill and effort he overcame the deepest obstacles of his mind and in doing so he discovered an entirely new way to live.

On this eight-week course we'll take practical steps as laid out in the Buddha's teachings to face up to the fundamental issues of life and set out on the journey towards our full potential.

The course will be led by Suryagupta, Akashamitra and Garavavati. Based on the book by Maitreyabandhu, it comprises a weekly class on Zoom with meditation, interactive teaching and group discussions as well as a digital copy of the book and pre-recorded guided meditations sent to you during the week.

Places are limited. The suggested donation for the course is £130. However, if you’re not in a position to give that, you can make a minimum contribution of £50 to join the course or get in touch with

Unfortunately, if you sign up on or after 29th April, we cannot guarantee you a place on the initial class.

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