Online Spring Retreat

The Myth of the Return Journey

Easter Bank Holiday | 1-5 Apr


Spring is upon us and the world is ‘opening up’ again: we find ourselves in a transition which is part of our bigger journey. How can we engage fully with the stage we’re in, with awareness and love for ourselves and others? If we follow in the footsteps of the Buddha, we can see our life journey as a journey home – each step we take to expand our awareness brings us closer to the boundless mind that is our true nature as human beings. 

Join in our Online Spring Retreat and set up the ideal conditions in which to set out on that journey. We will be exploring 'The Myth of the Return Journey', part of the White Lotus Sutra – a classic text of Mahayana Buddhism full of colourful parables that help us see more clearly our full potential. Expect meditation, inspiring stories and talks, discussion, yoga and an international retreat community to share your practice and your progress with.

During this period when it's not been possible to be on retreat together in person, we've developed new forms to help you create these conditions in the midst of your everyday life – make the most of the Easter bank holiday weekend, block out some time to work creatively on your mind and experience your life in a new way.

Programme of events:

Opening and closing ceremonies – 1 Apr, 7-8.30pm | 5 Apr, 10.30-11.30am
We mark the boundaries of a retreat to make the most of the time in between. Meet everyone on the retreat and make a definite commitment to work with your mind.

Morning Meditation – 2–5 Apr, 8-9am
Either learn the foundations of the Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana practices with Saddhaketu, or go into more depth with Mahamani.

Meditation Workshop & Groups – 2–4 Apr, 10.30am-12pm
Discover new ways to unlock meditation practice by exploring the Buddha’s teaching of the five Spiritual Faculties. Then break into discussion groups to explore your experience with others.

Reflecting on the Dharma - 2–4 Apr, 3-4.30pm
Drawing on themes from the White Lotus Sutra, Paramabandhu will help you to reflect on the universal myths embedded within the stories and how they manifest in your life.

Restorative yoga – 2–4 Apr, 5-6pm
Join Sraddhagita for some gentle yoga in the afternoon, helping you to relax more deeply into the retreat.

Evening event - Story and ritual – 2–4 Apr, 7-9pm
In the evenings we will be hearing parables from the White Lotus Sutra and entering an imaginative world, rich with meaning. We’ll also have meditation and an introduction to Buddhist ritual.

Sign up for free below and we'll be in touch nearer the time with all the information you need to join in. For this retreat we're asking about gender and ethnicity to help us get an idea of who is joining in. This will help in our efforts to share the Buddha's teachings as widely as we can.

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