The Heart of Freedom

Cultivating connection, confidence and courage on the path
Six Thursdays | 9 Sep - 14 Oct | 7-9pm | on Zoom


‘Loving kindness, which is freedom of heart…shines, glows, it blazes forth…’  - the Buddha

The goal of Buddhist path is complete freedom from states of mind and heart that cause suffering.
The journey towards this freedom can be deeply joyful and expansive, enabling us to relate to ourselves and others with increasing awareness and kindness. Through the Metta Bhavana (loving-kindness) meditation we can uncover and mature some of our strongest human qualities, yet many people find the practice difficult to connect with. In this six-week course we will be sharing the stories, principles and activities that bring this ancient practice to life, enabling us to receive its gifts and also discover the doorway to freedom that it offers.

This course includes: Live teaching, guided meditation, discussion, Q & A, offline resources

The suggested donation for the course is £120. However, if you’re not in a position to give that, you can make a minimum contribution of £40 or get in touch with

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