Online Weekend Retreat - The Tender Gravity of Kindness

May 14th - 16th
Led by Bodhilila and the POC Team




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When he saw that the Buddha was approaching death, Ananda, his inseparable companion for over 25 years was deeply upset, not knowing how he would carry on without the Buddha, ‘he who was so kind’. Of all the Buddha’s qualities, the one that most stood out to Ananda was his kindness. One could see the whole of the Dharma life as finding ways to become kinder and more compassionate, developing a wiser awareness of all that lives. 

Yet how do we meet the hostility of others and the world with kindness? How can we be kinder towards our own experience? During this online weekend retreat we will be exploring ways of developing kindness towards ourselves, others and the world. Join Bodhilila and the POC team as we explore and deepen our experience of metta, co-creating a space of kindness and connection within our POC community.