Padmasambhava Week

Transforming the forces that hold us back

Mon 13 – Sun 19 Sep



A week of events culminating in a festival day celebrating the archetypal teacher, Padmasambhava. The legend of his struggle to establish Buddhism in Tibet shows us how to harness and transform the forces that stand in the way of progress. This week we’ll be investigating those forces in our lives and in the world today and learning to recruit them for the good.

Morning Meditation Series Mon to Sat 7.30–8.30am

Seminar Series: Transforming the Demons of the Modern World | Wed, Thu and Fri | 5–6.30pm | 


Festival Day | Sun 19 Sep | 10am–9pm

10am: Calling on the Energy of Padmasambhava - meditation, ritual and readings
1pm: Lunch - bring vegan/vegetarian food to share
2.15pm: Transforming Challenge through Symbol - a workshop
4.30pm: Keynote talk from Subhuti
7pm: Festival Day Puja with Mitra ceremonies

All events are both in-person and online. See below for more details.