Online Winter Retreat
The Heart’s Release

27 Dec – 1 Jan



"When life feels cramped and incomplete, what’s the key to our freedom?

We’re marking the end of 2020 by gathering online and turning inwards together towards what the Buddha called the Heart’s Release. We’ll be creating a vibrant community that anyone can join in with, whatever their level of experience.

  • Learn to meditate or give your practice a new lease of life. 

  • Hear the Buddha’s story, discuss his earliest teachings and get your questions answered. 

  • Join in with study groups, a digital retreat lounge and an introduction to Buddhist ritual.

  • See in the new year with a full evening of meditation, ritual, poetry and reflection.

Register for free and we’ll send you all the links you need as well as tips to help you make the most of a poignant and unusual time.


Opening and closing ceremonies – We mark the boundaries of a retreat to make the most of the time in between. Meet everyone on the retreat and make a commitment to work with your mind.

Morning Meditation – Either learn the foundations of the Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana practices with Akashamitra, or go into more depth with Suryagupta. On the morning of the 1st, we’ll all meditate together.

Meditation Workshop & Groups – Explore different ways to approach the heart’s release in meditation. Then break into discussion groups to explore your experience with others.

Studying the Buddha’s Words - Looking at the Megiha Sutta, an early Buddhist text, Satyadasa will help you to investigate universal themes and how they manifest in your life.

Restorative yoga – Join Sraddhagita for some gentle yoga in the afternoon, helping you to rest and release more deeply.

Evening events – In the evenings Maitreyabandhu and Danayutta will tell the story of the Buddha's life. We’ll also have personal stories, meditation and an introduction to Buddhist ritual. On our last night we’ll be staying up late, to see in the new year in celebratory style.


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