Not About Being Good

A practical course on Buddhist ethics

23 Jun - 28 Jul | Wednesdays 7.15 - 9.15pm | On Zoom



A fact of life is that our actions have an effect on ourselves, others and the world at large. How we can take advantage of this simple fact and live a more fulfilled life, in harmony with others and in accordance with reality?

During this six-week course we will be laying out practical ways to do just that and exploring the positive effects of living ethically. There will be talks, meditation and reflection as well as support with your practice in small groups. You will receive an electronic copy of Subhadramati's book Not About Being Good: A Guide to Buddhist Ethics as well as weekly emails in between sessions with a brief summary of each session, other resources and home practice.

The suggested donation for the course is £100. However, if you’re not in a position to give that, you can make a minimum contribution of £40 or get in touch with


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