Resilience Training

An online Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme

Resilience is the remarkable ability of humans to adapt when faced with adversity. It is an ability that can be learned and developed by anyone.
2021 will no doubt have its challenges. In order to turn towards what lies ahead, we’ll need clear strategies that help us embrace change and prevent us from falling into anxiety or depression. To start the year on the front foot, join mindfulness teacher and counsellor Satyavasin for a four-week intensive course based on the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) programme. The course will focus on developing resilience and will take you through the following steps:

Awareness. We learn to become resilient by training our attention. We do this through meditation and mindfulness, enabling us to see our unhelpful tendencies more clearly.
‘Being With’. Next, we cultivate an attitude of acceptance. We meet adversity with courage, and learn to view life's inevitable challenges as opportunities.
Choices. With a stronger foundation, we are then able to take purposeful action to maintain our wellbeing and respond creatively to change.

Here's what people have said about the course: 

“I found that this course was a great safety net for the challenges I am presently facing, and, I was very grateful to be doing it when our outside world was diminishing again and seemingly now for many months too.”

“I struggle a lot with my mental health and this course has helped a great deal. I've gained a lot of insight into how I can best move forward whilst taking care of myself.”

“It has showed me the ways mind/body work, it has made me to understand many default setting I have and want to change to be able to take control of my life.”

“To me the teacher was very compassionate, caring and very knowledgeable and put things over in a way I found very helpful. I appreciated the way he would recap and give different perspectives every so often, this helped me to get my head round the what he was talking about. The meditations and visualisations he guided us through were also very helpful and done in a very considerate and gentle way.”

“I loved the dynamic delivery, humour and the honour of knowing I was being taught by a wonderful human being who is committed to helping others who struggle with stress when life is loading it upon us.”

“Satyavasin obviously enjoys doing these courses and is very personable. It is nice to see his humour come through & his professionalism mixed with approachability. Thank you!”

“The fact that I had to stop whatever I was doing or thinking twice a week. To listen to helpful and wise positivity and see how many others value these principles was a connective experience which made me feel supported and less lonely. It has made me value meditation more and helped my practice.”

“The teaching style is both dynamic in delivery and very sensitive to human frailties; with wonderful humour interspersed which is always a great skill when teaching such a deep and complex subject, and to people who are at different stages of life with different emotional needs, yet somehow the teaching encompasses all of this with lightness, and invitation to look at ourselves fully.”

“I live alone and sadly lost my job due to covid so I found myself totally isolated from any social interaction and participating in the course helped me not to feel so lonely.”

“I don't think the course would of been the same without all the support outside the session, the daily text are great to keep on track, the summaries help to revise all the information you learnt, and the call after was a good way to end and talked about your personal experience.”

“Really enjoyed the course and benefited from it immensely. Satyavasin is a great teacher and his knowledge and patient approach makes you want to come back and participate in more courses. By the end of the course you got to know faces and felt like you are part of a community with like minded people and it matters a lot specially during these unprecedented times. Huge thank you to Satyavasin and the rest of the team”

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