About Breathing Space

Breathing Space is the LBC’s health and wellbeing project. We run secular courses and retreats that teach you the basic theories and practices of mindfulness. The courses are open to anyone and you don’t need any interest in Buddhism to join in.

The courses are particularly helpful in dealing with mental health difficulties such as depression, anxiety and addiction. There have been a number of clinical trials testing the effectiveness of mindfulness approaches. For example, recent studies show that in treatment for depression, mindfulness is as effective as antidepressants.

We have a vibrant community of local unpaid carers who come to us for regular respite from their caring roles. We offer groups and retreats that help reduce stress and enable carers to meet and enjoy time together.

Here’s a video from the founder of Breathing Space, former NHS psychiatrist, Dr Paramabandhu Groves, talking about the project:


Courses delivered over Zoom and in-person, suitable for everyone.

Short courses to help deal with the challenges that we’re all facing.

Visit the breathing space courses page to see what's coming up.

Caring for the carers

We’re also committed to looking after our unpaid carers during this time, and have a variety of free, online activities and resources.