Donate to the London Buddhist Centre

Moving beyond the exchange economy

Here at the London Buddhist Centre we look to offer the liberating potential of the Buddha’s teaching to anyone irrespective of means.

That’s why all our classes, including our online classes, are available to anyone free of charge.

That’s why all our teachers donate their time for free. We believe in the generosity economy, where we give freely of the Buddha’s vision and ask those that can to help us to do this by donating to the centre.

Young Chinese woman holding a donation bowl
friends meeting

The whole of the centre runs this way. Those that work at the centre are given enough to support a simple lifestyle and do not work for a salary.

Those that teach do so for free. We put generosity at the heart of what we do.

Similarly we ask that anyone who has benefited from teachings here at the centre to give what they can in order to help us help others. We appreciate whatever people feel able to give, no matter how big or small.

The centre particularly benefits from monthly regular gifts.