Deepening your involvement at the LBC


The London Buddhist Centre was built over 40 years ago by a team of young men in their twenties squatting what was a derelict fire station with very little building skills or experience. They did however have a vision. The vision was one of a thriving centre dedicated to helping people commit their entire lives if they wished to fulfill their human potential as taught by the Buddha 2,500 years ago. That vision is alive today at the LBC with a thriving community of people dedicating themselves at various levels and multiple ways to the Buddha’s vision of liberation.


The LBC is home to over 30 men and women living in Buddhist households with many more living together in Buddhist communities around the centre. The centre employs 34 people who are dedicated in helping the centre grow and spread the teaching of the Buddha. In 2016 we opened up Vajrasana, our state of the art retreat centre situated in the beautiful Suffolk countryside.  


Today when you visit the LBC you can come to learn to meditate, practise yoga and hear the Buddha’s teachings. From those initial steps many people come to dedicate their entire lives to putting into practise the teachings of the Buddha alongside a community of friends looking to do the same. However committed to fulfilling your human potential you want to become you will find a place for you at the centre.   

Here you will find details on how you can deepen your involvement at the London Buddhist Centre, all the way from your first steps in the doors of the centre to potentially taking ordination vows committing your whole life to the Buddhist vision.

Come Regularly

The LBC runs a full schedule of classes and courses. Drop in classes range from meditation and yoga to che kung. You can find out more about our schedule of classes here

To get the best out of the centre you can:

  • Sign up to our mailing list to keep up to date with everything that is going on at the centre. 

  • Learn how to meditate by coming to our drop in meditation classes. You can join a class team by talking with one of the teachers at the class where you can help organise the class for other people and get to know others helping at the centre. 

  • Sign up for one of our meditation or other Buddhist courses where you will get a more in depth introduction to Buddhist practise. Find out more here.

Go on Retreat

At the heart of deepening Buddhist practise is getting on retreat. For many people it is the place they most develop their understanding of meditation and Buddhist ethics and wisdom. A retreat is a place where we remove ourselves from the usual day to day distractions of phone, internet and the 24 hour news cycle and dedicate ourselves for a period of time to meditation and reflection. It is where the mystery of the Buddha’s teaching comes most into focus and we get a glimpse of the full potential of our lives. We are very lucky to have an award winning dedicated retreat centre in Suffolk. The centre runs a variety of retreats including:

  • Beginners weekend retreats.

  • Longer beginners retreats such as our renowned Winter Retreat

  • Weekend retreats for regulars

  • Intensive ten day retreats for those with an established practise of meditation

Become a Mitra

After some time coming to the London Buddhist Centre and having been on retreat and tried a course you might decide that you feel yourself to be a Buddhist. This can be a very significant moment in people’s lives. 

To be a Buddhist is not just to hold a set of opinions or beliefs but a commitment to living out the Buddha’s teachings. To be a Buddhist is to follow a path, one that can lead to total liberation and the fulfilment of our human potential. When you undertake a mitra ceremony (“mitra” meaning friend) at the London Buddhist Centre you commit before a group of people to follow the Buddhist path as best you can. 

Mitras at the centre often gather for weekly study groups together to discuss their practise of the Buddhist path as well as study the Buddhist scriptures. 

Asking for Ordination

Getting ordained into the Buddhist tradition is a dedication to commit your entire life to the Buddhist path. To ask to start training for ordination at the London Buddhist Centre is to take a step that one day may lead to you saying that Buddhist practise is no longer part of your life but the whole of your life. Order members are involved in teaching meditation classes, leading retreats as well as study groups and befriending those that come to the centre. Some live in community and work for Buddhist businesses and others have families and careers. At the centre we have many order members who have made such a commitment and many more who are training to one day take ordination vows. Order members take on new Buddhist names at ordination to represent their new identity as committed Buddhists and wear a white “kesa” around their necks.