Buddha Day Festival Week

3 - 9 May 



Buddha Day is the most significant festival of the Buddhist year, marking the anniversary of the Buddha's Enlightenment. On the 9th May Kusalasara and Sanghajit will lead a full day celebration of this event of universal significance.

During the week building up to the festival they will also be exploring related themes in a special series of morning meditations from Monday to Saturday.

Also, the LBC's President, Subhuti, will be joining us to mark the occasion and he'll be giving a few talks over the course of the week, drawing on different aspects of the Buddha's vision.

Scroll down to see all the special events across the week.


Here's the programme for Sunday 9th:

 - Going for Refuge to the Buddha - meditation, reflection and mantra
2.15-3.15pm - Meeting the Buddha - a cultural event
4-5.30pm - The Buddha's Social Revolution - a keynote talk from Subhuti
7-9pm - Festival Day Puja with Mitra ceremonies