Breaking Free

An online course on total transformation

21 September - 27 September

Lived out fully, Buddhist practice is revolutionary. It’s purpose is a complete transformation of every element of our experience, our lives and the world around us. And that’s something we can do right now. 

The legendary Tibetan teacher Padmasambhava is the archetype of this transformation. Join us for a week of special events culminating in the Padmasambhava Day Festival on Sunday 27th September. 

Learn to meditate from scratch or engage yourself in a week of progressively-deepening practice. Hear the mythic stories of Padmasambhava and uncover the resonances in your life. Unify your experience of body and mind with yoga and chi kung, enliven the imagination with arts events and receive daily emails with concise and radical instruction on how to break free in the midst of your everyday life.

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